Hard drive

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The hard drive appears to be an old HDD drive.

The hard drive is a red-level relic currently in the possession of Juliette Nichols. It appears to be an old computer hard drive with the number "18" inscribed around the edge. The hard drive was initially in the possession of George Wilkins, who used guidance from Allison Becker to access the deleted files on the drive[1].


The hard drive was initially the possession of Danny an IT worker who had spent years trying to decrypt and access the contents of the hard drive. Eventually, in failing to access the contents, he sold the drive to Regina Jackson, who at some point gave—or sold—the drive to George Wilkins, who was able to use instructions from Allison Becker to access deleted files on the drive and restore them. In doing so, he discovered that the outside is not what it appears and that Judicial and thoe in charge in the Silo have been lying to residents about what it outside. Furthermore, George's investigations of the drive revealed several key things. Firstly, the drive contains 269 files overall, each of different size, with some nearing 900mb.[2] The drive has the serial number/name, eighteen, which could be in reference to Jahn's remark that the revolt occured "6 hours, 6 minutes, past 6 o'clock, 140 years ago", given the sum of the sixes is eighteen.

Several of the files on the hard drive are marked SY97.

Further investigation of the drive contents reveals that there are several programmes on the drive. Namely: "FS_Repair; SIL-OSREBOOT; SILO-BLUEPRINT; SIL-UTILITIES; DUTYROSTER; SIL-REQUESTS". It is currently unknown what most of these programmes do, but the SIL-OSREBOOT could be a programme used to reboot the systems within the Silo. Dates on the files indicate that several of the files have been accessed during the years after the Silo was built. Principally, SIL-OS (the OS of the Silo), was last touched during SY86, whils the blueprints were touched ten years later in SY96; it is unknown why the blueprints were accessed ten years afer the OS, but this indicates that IT is somewhat aware of the blueprints of the Silo.

When George was ultimately killed for his possessions and investigations, he hid the drive and it fell into the possession of Juliette Nichols. Accessing the drive was difficult, since it can only be accessed using an authorised computer, such as those in Judicial, or IT. Nonetheless, Juliette was able to access the drive using a computer in Robert Sims' apartment, wherein she was able to view a video left by George for her on the drive. Shortly after, she again accessed the drive with the assistance of Patrick Kennedy and Danny, who rerouted the traffic to make it look like she was accessing the drive from another floor.

Accessing the drive for a second time, Juliette found several files on the drive. Principally, she found a video that showed that the outside was a lush, verdant oasis, and not what it appeared to be from the screen in the cafeteria. Juliette asked Danny to help her to show the video on all of the computer screens within the Silo.[1]

Juliette later uses the hard drive to mirror the video of the Outside to the entirety of the Silo's computer network. Those in the Judicial control room are privy to the video, which Bernard quickly orders them to forget. He takes down the video by shutting down the Silo's computer network, and Juliette is forced to flee. When Juliette is eventually caught, Bernard smashes the hard drive to pieces. He later retrieves the components of the hard drive.[3]