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The Silo is a large, underground structure and the last remnants of human civilisation. Home to ten-thousand people, nobody knows why the Silo was built or who built it, only that it is integral to the survival of humanity. Residents of the Silo are led to believe that outside is a toxic, apocalyptic wasteland, but there were numerous people that believed this to be false. Eventually, Juliette Nichols finds this to be true.[1]

Initially believed to be the only silo, housing the last remenants of humanity, this is eventually proven to be false, and it becomes clear that there are at least several dozen silos.[1]


The camera housing seen from outside of the Silo.

Standing at 144 levels, the Silo is the a large structure, with a winding staircase that connects the top of the Silo to the bottom, and every floor in between. For over one-hundred years, the Silo has been the home of the last remnants of civilisation. The Silo is divided into three key areas "Up Top", which houses the more affluent population, the Mayor's office, and the Sheriff's office, and the bottom of the Silo houses the maintenance department and those that keep the Silo running and man its boundaries.

From the outside, the Silo does not appear to breach the ground, and appears to be completely built into the Earth. Protruding from the Silo, however, is a concrete structure which inside contains a camera, which projects images back into the cafeteria of the Silo. This camera is known to get dirty due to the harsh environment outside of the Silo and as a result, is "cleaned" by those who are sent out to clean.


  • Level 20: Level 20 of the Silo is home to recycling[2].




The Silo is subject to a strict governance structure. At the top of the heiracrcy is Judicial, which acts as a form of governance. They make and enforce the laws and ensure that everything in the Silo is running as it should; they are largely feared among the population of the Silo and the mention of their name sends shivers through the residents.

The laws of the Silo are outlined in the Pact, which is an ominous rule book created and enforced by Judicial. Failure to adhere to the guidelines in the Pact can lead to explusion—this is known as being "sent out to clean".

The Mayor[edit]

The Mayor is also a powerful figurehead in the Silo, and runs the day-to-day operations. The Mayor has the power to elect the next Sheriff of the Silo, but it is expected that the Mayor run their candidates past Judicial. Furthermore, the Silo has the power to approve certain activities in the Silo, such as giving the approval to shut of the generator and move to reserve power; this, however, proved unpopular with Judicial.

The Judge[edit]

The Judge of the Silo, currently Judge Meadows, is the de jure head of Judicial, and also enforces penalties on the crimes of those within the Silo. She has the authority to send people outside to clean, and has been known to enforce this on occassion. The Judge also has the ability to close down levels of the Silo or condem certain apartments.

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