The Outside

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This article is about a location outside of the Silo. You may be looking for Outside, an episode in season one.
The Outside shows several Silo's in the vicinity.

The Outside is the world that exists beyond the confines of the Silo walls. It is a toxic and poisoned wasteland, unihnabitable by humans or animals. Ths Silo maintaned a sensor that would broadcast a view of the Outside back to the residents of the Silo, whilst an airlock led from the Silo to the Outside.

Initially, Juliette believed that Judicial and those in charge in the Silo were lying to them about the Outside; this was a sentiment shared by Allison Becker and numerous others. They believed that the Outside was a verdant oasis habitable by man, which often led to them removing their helmets when they got Outside and dying. This belief was brought on by the discovery of a video on the hard drive.

When Juliette is sent out to clean, she discovers that the video is actually used to project a false sense of reality into the visor's of the suit people wear when they clean. In realising that Juliette has discovered this, Bernard Holland rushes to the Silo sever room and disables the video. In turn, Juliette finds that the Outside is a wasteland like those within the Silo are led to believe.[1]

Within the vicinity of the Silo, there appears to be several other Silo's, stretching as far as the eye can see. This reveals that the Silo is not the only one of its kind and that there may be other survivors.