Allison Becker

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A strong and independent thinker, Allison Becker is the wife of Holston Becker and a Data Analyst in the IT Department. After failing to concieve a child on her third try, she realises that the Silo is not what it seems and asks to go outside.

Throughout the series[edit]

Allison works in the IT Department in the Silo, and one day, recieves news that she has won the "lottery", meaning that she is eligible to have her birth control device removed in an attempt to concieve a child; this is her third and final chance, however, and if she fails to concieve, she will not be eligible again. She has an appointment with Dr. Leonard, to have her device removed, giving her an entire year to concieve.

Despite this, however, Allison has difficulty in concieveing a child, and she talks with Gloria Hildebrandt, who tells her that there are greater forces at work that may be the reason she cannot have a child. Allison, becoming increasingly skeptical of the Silo, meets with George Wilkins, who holds in his possession a red-level relic—a hard drive from before the Rebellion. He tells Allison that he used her instructions, which described how to retrieve deleted files, and as a result, found numerous files on the drive, but that they remain inaccessable to him.

With the knowledge of the hard drive, Allison becomes alienated with the Silo, and her outlook is changed. She performs a self-surgery on herself and finds that her birth control device has not been removed like she thought; instead, Dr. Leonard pretended to remove the device. Now believing that the Silo is not what it seems, and the world outside is bright and full of life, Allison asks to be allowed to leave the Silo. Holston is shocked, but Allison tells him that she will clean if the world is as she believes. When Allison leaves the Silo, she is shocked to see the world is a lucious green oasis, and as a result, cleans the sensor before walking away. Momentarily, she succumbs to the toxic environment outside.

Notes and Trivia[edit]